Turbo-Charged Fly Casting !

videos from Bruce Chard at ginkandgasoline.com

there seems to be a general consensus that high line speeds (and heavier lines, but that’ll be for another topic) are to be favored to very small loops when trying to cast into or across wind and here’s some very interesting tips on how to Turbo-Charge your casts !

originally intended for dealing with windy situations while sea fishing, since there’s wind inshore as well the techniques shown below can of course be used anywhere. i’ll also add that the V-grip and flick haul can be great assets to distance casting.

as a casting instructor i do need to include my suggestions on how to practice these:
i don’t really like the term ‘advanced’ because it often intimidates, but these techniques need to be considered as such.
having the proper basics of rod movement, line control, hauling and fly placement down very well are absolutely necessary before adding these methods to your repertoire.
why ? because these are the antithesis of relaxed casting. they involve movements that often prevent precise movements until they are a well established routine.
the eventual high speed goal needs to be built up little by little and if you don’t the result’ll just end up being a Big, Frustrating, Royal Screw-Up ! :mrgreen:
please do yourself the favor of taking your time and practice these diligently while working on the techniques one at a time and be sure to be very comfortable with each one before adding on the next !

V- Grip

High Line Speed Posture

Wrist Flick Hauling