i’m very pleased to announce today a new partnership with  trout line.

Lucian Vasies is one of the best fly tiers there is and his online shop is full of nice goodies for us to tie and fish with ! based in Romania with an excellent service record and fantastic prices, take the time to dig through the shop where you”l find a nice selection of barbless hooks, Bidoz tungsten beads from France and some rather unusual materials like Mad Rabbit and Wild Hamster dubbing from who knows where !

just to get your mouth watering and tying fingers fidgeting here’s some Catgut nymphs.
wrapped around the shank, this is an extremely buggy looking, very interesting material. (cat lovers needn’t be afraid ! it has that name but its actually sheep)

a few of Lucian’s flies that show off it’s potential wonderfully.

check out the Catgut Nymph step by step here and in a heavier/hairier version here.