Relaxed Fly Casting

by Jon B. Cave via Midcurrent

very much in line with my own teachings of relaxed casting form, Jon’s great article brings up an oh-so common flaw in the casting world, body tension and the negative effects it has on good line control.
Jon recommends mainly focusing on relaxing the casting hand and arm but i have different thoughts and suggestions on how to actually relax the whole body, which is a good thing because i’m in the middle of writing an article on that very subject for issue no. 3 of Eat, Sleep, Fish coming out next month !

” Casting a smooth and ripple-free loop is an integral part of performance fly casting. However, even an experi­enced caster can instinctively tighten up under pressure to increase distance, speed up the delivery, or make a particu­larly difficult presentation. The result of this tension, more often than not, is an inefficient cast. “

excerpted from Jon Cave’s ‘Performance Fly Casting’ book, click here for the full article.

2 thoughts on “Relaxed Fly Casting

  1. Arden posted once on Sexyloops about a casting drill he uses to address this. I think he called it “no power” casting or something like that. Basically it involved waving the rod back and forth slowly and gently. The line simply dangled from the rod tip and waved with the rod with no loops being formed at all. After doing this for a few seconds, he would add just a fraction more power. He kept adding power until the line began forming loops. So he reached a point where he was casting nice loops with the absolute minimum power needed. I love this drill and practice it almost daily. I also use it frequently with students. Even advanced casters often use too much power in their casting. Good stuff.

    • hello Ty, nice to read you here !
      can’t remember the exact name of it either but i couldn’t agree more, it’s an excellent exercise that i too always start and finish a practice session with. a good friend and most excellent instructor, Lee Cummings of Northern England has a very similar method called ‘The V method’. hopefully he’ll publish this some day and get full credit for this most ingenious drill and we’ll be able to talk about more in public.

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