11 thoughts on “real guides and real fishing companies ?

    • sorry, can’t help you there Brad. hell, i can’t even find this post on the Chum anymore. i wanted to find out more info on this, i guess they took it off.
      hey, what happened to you blog ? i can’t access it 😦

  1. Marc,
    I’ve got a photo of that sticker on the backdoor of Headhunters Flyshop in Craig, Montana.
    To my mind it’snot about either guides or Orvis Equipment it’s about the small speciality stores, that guides mostly work out of, versus the big box stores like Orvis, LL Bean, Cabelas and the likes. A debate that will probably get more and more intense with companys like Simms and Sage now selling thru Big Box. In the old days most of the flyfishing companys had the speciality stores as their main outlets, that is now changing.
    And, hand on heart, to me Orvis is just too much dogbaskets and plaided quilts.
    Not a real FlyFishing store at all.

    Mad Trout

    • hey Ulf !
      thanks for your comment and i’m guessing you’re spot on. big companies do what big companies do and it’s always detrimental to the smaller ones.
      another thing that bothers me about the Orvis company is the fact they’re buying out and of course privatizing so many waters and hunting grounds all over the world, effectively removing access for those that enjoyed these areas.
      it’s sort of like taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

      i had put up this image on facebook last week in the same manner, without personal comment just to see the reactions. most didn’t get past the idea that it’s just about some guide with a gripe or the great quality of some of their rods or reels…
      now, i had second thoughts about sharing this here because i have great friends who are either guides with Orvis or endorsed by them and of course i’m very happy for them because fly fishing and making any kind of money from it is tough.
      so, if any of you read this please don’t take it wrong. it’s your boss(es) i have a problem with, not you.
      my convictions are my convictions and i want to stick to them.

      will i see you at either fair in Stockholm next month ?


  2. Funny that they kick Orvis in the sack. I can’t think of a Company that does more for the sport and conservation in general. Like you Marc, I take exception to the privatization of public water, but is that what Orvis is really doing?

    • i’m sure the dog beds are a big part of this gripe. i for one hate them !… :mrgreen:

      thanks for your comment Rich, the conservation/restoration part goes along with several emails i’ve been getting on this subject since yesterday.

      ok folks, don’t misconstrue this but doesn’t that kinda make you think of Exxon funding PBS or ‘save the world’ nature shows ? 😯
      i didn’t sleep well, ate too much hot-sauce for lunch and i’m in a sarcastic mood today… 😆

      • Without getting in over my head in this conversation, it doesn’t remind me of Exxon setting aside some money to sponsor nature shows. Orvis is directly responsible for actual, physical work on the Battenkill river (the example closest to my home), which is different than writing a check, hoping to appear “green” by association. Clean, fishable water is in Orvis’ best interests. Clean, fishable water is of no concern to Exxon.

        Access and privatization are another can of worms all together.

  3. I bought a fantastic Orvis shirt from Ben a few years ago, it’s very court jester so suits my sense of irony. I don’t know anything about them as a company other than the fact they make some decent rods….which I can’t afford…so no change there then.

  4. Battenkill Quill ? sounds like one of their reels. not-so subliminal promotion, huh ? :mrgreen:

    ok, ’nuff said, this can’t really go anywhere but i don’t regret putting up the pic. it’s always good to remember that the fly fishing world isn’t half as united as some think it is.

    thanks all for your opinions !

    • Fly fishing offers more things to discuss, from knots and flies to leader tapers and casting styles, reel vs. no reel, access and ownership, etc. All good conversations to have. Thanks for stirring up some thinking, Marc.

      And nicely moderated, by the way.

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