Fly Rods- It’s not what you have, it’s how you use it.

“The stiffest rods will create the longest casts ! This is a common assumption made by fly casters, but is it really accurate ?
What follows are the results of a test that examined this hypothesis by combining length measurements of distance casts with measurements of rod stiffness using the Common Cents System (CCS). The test utilized eight casters, all of whom cast eight rods. Each caster made four casts with each rod. The article originally appeared in the Norwegian magazine “Alt om Fiske” in October 2006.”

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some of the rods tested are pretty much obsolete by now but that’s besides the point.
what i find interesting here is that it boils down to taking the decision of putting your chances towards being consistent and collecting points that way or going for the exceptional cast and winning on that one cast.

i can’t put any numbers to back this up but i’m pretty darn sure Sage sold a lot more TCR’s than Orvis sold the T3 tip action series which makes this maybe something closer to a sociological study rather than a rod test after-all…

5 thoughts on “Fly Rods- It’s not what you have, it’s how you use it.

    • actually, it’s has more to do with Paul and the Sexyloops gang rather than Sage’s reps.
      at that time the TCR 590 and 5 wt Scientific Anglers MED (Mastery Expert Distance) line where ‘adopted’ as a standard 5wt distance set-up that anyone around the world could buy and we all used it as a common reference. the idea was to have everyone on the same level, material-wise.
      it’s a fantastic combo and not just for distance, i love to use it for general demos and specially close-up presentation casts 😎
      it’s going to get a coat of pearl white paint for better visibility to the viewers and camera soon !

      • it will look really cool in pearl.
        I heard a lot of good things about the TCR, I just find it weird to call it a 5wt, and I definitely will not anytime soon put that kind of money in a carbon stick. but that’s just the kind of cheap bastard I am, I guess.
        I can see the need to have a reference setup, though.

        so, close up presentation on a tcr with a 5wt line. you like a good paradox, don’t you?

  1. why ? it works very well with a 5 wt line and even a 4 or 3 !

    ok, i’ll admit that i do enjoy the looks on their faces when they realize it’s what’s often considered a ‘distance outfit’ but that’s only secondary, what’s most important when demoing or teaching is to use tools that perform. it also kinda blows away false ideas about equipment 🙂

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