‘orange you glad to see me ?

a little tasty treat for stocked trout, perch, bluegills, sunfish or whatever else that likes weird looking candy !
made with:

Tiemco 2499SP-BL #12 (one of my all-time favorite hooks)
orange tungsten bead
Veevus 16/0 orange thread (super-strong and lovely to tie with !)
orange marabou tail from troutline
Flashabou body
orange Angel hair wing
body and head coated with Bug-Bond Lite

6 thoughts on “‘orange you glad to see me ?

  1. thanks ! so glad you like it and even more that you’re taking up fly fishing !
    i try to keep things as simple as possible, specially for the casting stuff but please feel free to to enquire about anything that isn’t well… simple :mrgreen:
    as for posts, you can expect a lot more… 😉

    • something wild and orange ! :mrgreen:

      the answer to your question is nothing, of course.
      it’s a psycho-active stimulant (i just made that up but come to think about it, it makes sense) that triggers an attack response from a lot of different species and as noted, stocked rainbows in particular.
      following a leg injury i had a few years back, i just couldn’t go fishing in the mountain streams and rivers where i lived and to be able to continue fishing meant going to stocked lakes. this meant a lot of time trying to ‘break the code’ on these weird fish and following the example of UK stillwater fishing and fly design i was able to come up with a number of really weird flies with weird trigger points that most definitely catch a lot of fish and even when they’re clued in to a real hatch of something or other. it’s most definitely un-traditional but i most certainly don’t care !

      i’m enjoying your blog, thanks.
      glad you stopped by,

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