a moonlight serenade

how’s this for a nice casting club set-up ?
the Northern Suburbs Fly Fishing Club, just north of Melbourne Australia has recently inaugurated a new lighting system to be able to cast, compete and basically have a blast with friends after sunset. here are some pics from the ‘Northern Lights’ event.
we’re all slightly jealous…

view towards the lake
view towards the club house
some splish-splashy action on the accuracy rings

and Giant Anzac Cookies as prizes ! (those alone are worth the trip ! :mrgreen: )

big thanks to Brian Aherne for the info and photos.

10 thoughts on “a moonlight serenade

  1. I would love to have something like that at Fish in a Barrel Pond. I would build a big fence around it and lure the anglers in with the cookies (many would come in for the competition alone, but we want to get them all) and once they were all inside I would quickly close and lock the gate. They would be safely contained, like a dog park, and maybe I’d get something done!

      • A dog park. Maybe it’s an American thing, but they are these fenced-in areas where people can bring their dogs, to play with other dogs, in a safe, supervised manner. I know. Perhaps like a giant play pen for kids translates better?

        Run out of cookies? I hadn’t thought about that, and I can’t imagine much worse than a pen full of ornery anglers. They’re bad enough when they’re running loose!

  2. American thing or not and apart from the interesting surrealistic aspect of this doing, i’m still trying to figure out why you’d want to hoard a bunch of wader-cheese smelling fly fishing blokes behind a fence ! :mrgreen:

    • You forget, my friend, that I work at a place other people come to fish and partake of the scenery, sometimes for a week or more at time. My life would be much easier if they could be contained, at least for a while, each day.

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