Bee Cee Caddis Pupa

By Barry Ord Clarke via the Mustad site

 here’s a particularly nice and juicy step by step of a great caddis pupae imitation worth having in every box. the use of chamois skin and the way the ostrich herls are wrapped around each winding of the skin give a very life-like look and realistic movement to this fly. something to note and that we don’t see in the images is how chamois skin looks when wet: very-very buggy with an impression of translucency and just plain awesome bug-like yumminess ! quite common in the past as it was used to get a spot-free finish after washing automobiles, they’re not the easiest material to find as they have mostly been replaced by synthetics but well worth the search.
 click either pic to access the step by step and nice accompanying notes and fishing suggestions. enjoy !

2 thoughts on “Bee Cee Caddis Pupa

  1. sure is ! have you tried it Scott ? a nice and easy nymph body can be done by dubbing the abdomen part, then winding the skin in non-touching turns and then pulling out the dubbing fibers from between the skin strips after. sexy… :mrgreen:

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