A question of color ?

a brilliant article from Alun Rees, our friend at ‘the enigmatic angler’

transparency and translucency are key elements in fly design. not only because a lot, if not most of the creatures we try to imitate have this quality making it a strong trigger point for the fish but also on a more human level of perception, we often wonder why some materials don’t give the result we envisioned before tying the fly.
Alun’s article below explains this perfectly and is sure to be of great help to every fly tier.
click the pic for the full article.

” So how does changing the colour of tying silk affect how our fly looks? Well essentially, some of the light penetrates the material that we use and then get’s reflected back from materials underneath to enhance the colour. In the case of black tying silk, this doesn’t happen. Any light that penetrates that far gets absorbed and none gets reflected. This then dulls the material we’ve used as a topcoat.To illustrate the point and something I mentioned about modern tinsel, I tied two waddington shanks, one with black tying silk, the other with white tying silk “

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