ferret nymph, a first try

since i saw these, i’ve been keen on giving this unusual material a try and here’s the first.

very easy to cut from the skin and use, i’m still waiting for the translucency to appear (yes, pun).
there’s Lagartun Rusty flat-braid under most of the body and fluorescent orange polyfloss as a hot-spot 1/3 of the way down the fly. i guess i was expecting them to show through strongly.
it does look buggy for sure, i’ll just have to play around with it a bit more.

made with-
Hayabusa 388 # 12
Veevus 16/0 thread brown
underbodies mentioned above
ferret skin strip
hare dubbing brown then black


i’ve  since found out that the skin used for this fly wasn’t ferret at all but Wild Hamster. no wonder it didn’t give the desired result but i still like it….  :mrgreen:

3 thoughts on “ferret nymph, a first try

    • hi Johan !
      yeah, i was wondering if you saw the clip. they’re like like vicious lemmings !!! 😆
      Lucian had the skins for sale at troutline.ro but i just saw he’s out of them.
      it makes very excellent dubbing that i use all the time.

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