bobbin condoms !

here’s a really cool tying tip found on Mustad‘s page by Barry Ord Clarke

pretty self-explanatory, the snipped-of dishwashing glove tip is inserted over the bobbin holder before tying then slid down and over the hook eye once the fly is finished, pulling all material back and away from the hook eye to do a strong and clean whip-finish and head varnish.
nice. neat. sweet !

6 thoughts on “bobbin condoms !

    • yes Vegard, that’s a wonderful way to trim deer-hair and it does indeed stink up the house ! a lot of the better tiers trim with fire. (probably because they liked to play with matches when they where kids… :mrgreen: )
      nice post, thanks for sharing it here !

  1. First post teh Cobra 🙂 That’s actually a pretty cool idea, will have to try it. I got some of those metal hackle guards when I was first getting started, think I used them twice ever. Less hassle just to get better at tying!

    • ’bout time you showed up Jo ! 😆
      yup, those metal things are junk. problem is there’s absolutely nothing else they can be used for, making them double-junk ! i bought some when i started off and then received a set as a gift from a friend. i’m stuck with both pairs and we haven’t been friends since… :mrgreen:
      there’s another cool tying tip that’s on the same idea but it’s just a little rubber or silicone tube instead of the condom. it’s for smaller um… flies. i’ll see if i can find a pic for ya.

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