following up on ‘a moonlight serenade‘, our down-under friends have come up with an ingenious and natural method to mow the lawn at the Northern Suburbs Fly Fishing Club. (in fact it’s so ‘natural’ they didn’t even have to do anything, these huge rodents show up on their own and have to be chased away with repeated floggings of fly lines before the club members can use the facility)

what a nice way to warm up the muscles before a casting session ! :mrgreen:

wait till Quill Gordon hears about this, it might solve some other problems he’s been having. they do know how to fight and defend their territory after all…

4 thoughts on “lawnmowers

  1. I think ‘like’ is the new spam.
    anyway, I like the idea of flyfishermen under custody of a bunch of mean looking kangaroos, all going like:
    ‘hey you, watch that backcast. don’t make me hurt you, you pathetic excuse for a caster!’

  2. Kangaroo flogging is probably such a great way to warm up, some guys I know might just make it the main attraction. You know, I’ve heard that in Alaska they use bears …

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