spring, sprung, sprang !

a little over the shoulder Snake-Roll followed with a snap to remind you to:
– get the tractor out of the shed
– quit your job and go out and enjoy the fresh, mild weather
– and most of all, loosen up the wintered stiffness of the the joints and muscles and get back into casting/fishing mode before going out on the first trip of the year all while having fun ! (that’s what the tractor’s for)
you’ve heard it a million times, practice makes better and better is more fun than making knots and hooking flies in the nose or in waders or in trees !

happy thursday, friends !

4 thoughts on “spring, sprung, sprang !

  1. Those make great fishing vehicles! Excellent for crossing rivers. Lift up the bucket for a spotting / casting platform; lower it for netting fish! 🙂


    • haha ! ‘thought you’d like that one ! 😆
      shoot-out platforms, impressing fly-girls, carrying firewood, ‘creating’ parking spaces, barbecues in the bucket, the list is endless… :mrgreen:

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