the BIG and the NERVOUS Cobra-Contest ! Finale

eleven great entries, eleven hard choices but between the big and humorous, the glutinous  and the ‘out of focus… this one goes straight to the heart and the Nervous Water dvd prize goes to Simon Graham.
after all, a first trout on the fly is a BIG moment even from the NERVOUS pike fly fishing expert that he is !
good on ya Simon we all wish you many more !

2 thoughts on “the BIG and the NERVOUS Cobra-Contest ! Finale

  1. Aaaagh cheers Mate,I honestly didn’t think I’d win with that fish….It was a truly special moment shared with a very good friend.

    • to be honest, i much preferred Andy Baird’s out-of-focus entry but i took the photos so that wouldn’t have been right… :mrgreen:

      nah, seriously. big fish are big fish but a first is bigger than any big fish. 😎

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