the Stupid Cobra contest !

yup ! it’s time to get stupid !
this month’s mega-deluxe prize is an absolutely top du top cool film just out from our friends at Imago, thanks Alex !

ok, the dvd isn’t stupid but your input will be !

What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done while fly-fishing ?

contest rules-
– tell us whichever way you’d like: story, song, photo or film and send it in to ———@———- by the end of April 2012 with ‘stupid contest’ as email header.
– one entry per person
– original content only
– go nuts ! let your stupidity shine !

here’s the trailer, now get stupid !

10 thoughts on “the Stupid Cobra contest !

      • well, there’s one I had never seen before (which is strage cause I come often). a thin web with clear drops on it and something in the background that actually kinda looks like pot. beautiful pic. you do them all?

  1. After paying a stupid amount to go fishing on a Sea Trout river in the U.K we headed out at 10pm to fish through till 4am sunrise. Becoming transfixed on a rising trout holding on the far bank at maximum distance i enticed her with every fly in my box. Come sunrise we headed to the bank, had a coffee and watched the mist roll as the sun came up. During first full light it then became aparent i had been casting at a plastic bag caught on a fallen branch in the current….ohh how i laughed…not!

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