Fly Line end Loops with the Tie-Fast tool

as noted in the vid, factory made loops although sleek and pretty, can’t really hold up to a lot of strain. the only thing that’s holding the loop together is the melted line coating and not it’s core where the strength is…
as any mountain climber who uses ropes knows,  fold over any line, string or rope and you get twice the strength of the material at the connection point.
secure the connection in a serious manner and you end up with a loop that’s actually stronger than the rest of the line.
using the Tie-Fast tool makes tying this loop connection knot a breeze. i’ve been using this method for years with one simple knot for say, trout size lines and two knots for any bigger freshwater lines proves more than enough.
make one on an old line and do some pulling and ask a friend to help. you’ll be amazed.

video notes: i chose this video because it’s the best i could find that shows this method with the Tie-Fast tool but i’d seriously encourage you to, contrary to what we see here, take your time and make neater knots and trims…
the tool comes in two sizes, small and big. for big lines you’ll need the bigger model for obvious reasons.

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  1. Thank you! Saltwater fy fishing: I know the when and the where, I hope the how is fine! I am going to tie more see bass and mullet flies…

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