M-Fly part III

i’ve been getting a lot of mails asking about the tying details and Lucian was kind enough to share the step by step of this lovely fly so here it is for all.

what i realize now and explains why i wasn’t happy with the wing on my first tie is-
i was using the feather tip with the stem like on an F-fly.
a much easier, better and neater result  is achieved by pulling off the appropriate amount of fibers and tying them in, one color after the other. this also means less feather waste and the ability to chose exactly the fibers we want on just about any feather as opposed to searching for ‘the perfect tip’.
neater as well because nipping off the fiber tips with the thumb nail to get the right shape and length is a lot nicer looking without the feather stem.
yet another advantage is, without the stem the wing collapses completely while casting which prevents dreaded/sucky fly/leader twist. (it springs back to it’s initial shape after the energy of the cast has dissipated)

back to the bench for me, thanks again Lucian !

access the sbs by clicking the pic. enjoy !