the Stupid Cobra contest ! second entry

by Acey Fiveash, USA

“Technically this didn’t happen while fishing but it definitely affected my fishing.

About two weeks before my one and only trip to Alaska I came home from a beer drinking trip where a little bit of fishing went on,  I stumbled in the door my wife looks at me and says “Well if I knew you were just going to get drunk I would have convinced you to stay home today.”
“How, pray tell, would you have done that?” I failed to enunciate clearly in her general direction.
“How do you think,” she asked seductively.
“I would have gone anyway.”
Suddenly her mood changed. “You’re telling me you would rather go fishing than have sex?”
“Well yeah,” the beer in my system stupidly said for me. “I know how sex is going to end and I can get that done all by myself. Fishing is exciting…” That’s when my brain caught up to what the booze was saying. “I mean…”
“No, no, no. I know what you mean. You MEAN you’re going to be getting ‘That Done’ all by yourself from here on out.”
And that’s how, in the form of one of the greatest sacrifices of my life, I went to Alaska without any fly rods.”

7 thoughts on “the Stupid Cobra contest ! second entry

      • well, ‘you’ referred in that case to the guy in the story.
        I’m not a regular with the bottle, and not a fan of the effects of alcoholic intoxication on humans (quite the contrary actually, drunk people repel me). yet, some alcoholic beverages are really good.

    • The “you” in this story is actually me. In the story above there were no thoughts or feelings of any kind, just a mouth getting the man it belongs to trouble. This kind of behavior is among the chief reasons why I don’t drink much anymore.

      • hi Acey! do I sense a catholico-baptist demon operating there? :mrgreen:
        at least there a moral to it. the first entry we got on this contest had none. it was quite a punk mess actually, but I cannot find it anymore.

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