Double Loop-to-Loop Connection

by Jon B. Cave via Rio‘s blog

a most fantastic find here. as Jon explains in great detail, if the joining line diameters and/or stiffness don’t match, the connection doesn’t seat properly, making it both hinge and weaker.
“The union formed by joining one loop to another is a strong one when properly done (see photo 1); however, if the loop-to-loop knot isn’t executed correctly by drawing the loops tightly together so that they remain seated in place, a hitch may develop at one of the loop ends and weaken the connection (see photo 2).

the solution is as simple as is it ingenious, double the loop ! brilliant !

click here for Jon’s great article.

5 thoughts on “Double Loop-to-Loop Connection

    • haha, you are ! (not sure why but this reminds me of my girlfriend that’s always proud to announce she can do wind knots on her leaders with her eyes closed… :mrgreen: )

  1. I thought everyone was proud of windknots Marc, maybe I’ve been embarrassing myself all this time 😀

    That’s a great tip, will definitely be using this.

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