Fly Casting- the Quick Cast

by Capt. Chris Myers

often talked about but rarely explained and demonstrated so well, here’s a really nice Salt-Water Quick Cast tutorial explaining the key points leading not only to a fast, successful presentation to the fish but also doing this safely. Chris’ explanations are clear, concise and show experience. this is most surely something to work on before heading out on that dream trip and also if you’re preparing the FFF-MCCI exam as this task is on the list.

is this cast reserved for flats/skiffs saltwater fishing only ? definitely not.
stalking cruising trout in lakes or just getting for your fly in front of a fish before your boat partner does also come to mind… 😉

4 thoughts on “Fly Casting- the Quick Cast

  1. Hi Marc;
    I toot the time to watch this video this morning while I sipped my first cup of coffee. It was pretty interesting, and Capt. Chris presents some good information. I have always said, “90% of your fishing should be done with two back casts, including your pickup cast.” But that only works when you already have your line out. Good stuff!

    • glad you liked it Don !
      as noted on the post, although it’s intended for for flats or skiff-type fishing there’s a little something in there for everyone. my goal being that different styles and methods make for a better prepared and well-rounded angler ready to adapt to different situations easier.
      thanks as always for stopping by, it’s always a great pleasure hearing from you.

  2. Hi Marc;
    That is why I liked it…the appeal to other types of fishing. I did very well on a heavily-fished, catch & release section of stream here in Pennsylvania last Sunday…stream-bred browns, more through tactical and at times unorthodox dry fly casting in locations – pockets, eddies, around branches & boulders, that most other anglers can’t perform well in. That is often more important than having the right fly…I always like the appeal of doing things a bit different. Love the challenge!

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