the Stupid Cobra contest ! – third entry

by Scott Loudon, Scotland

“I was thinking about various stupid things I’d done whilst fly fishing, things like stalking plastic bags that are stuck to the river bottom – they are very fishy looking in dirty water by the way! The more I thought about it, the more I realised I had to go one better on myself so here is fly fishing for dogfish…
I can assure you, it’s pretty stupid!! “

6 thoughts on “the Stupid Cobra contest ! – third entry

  1. What class of rod? My Flat Coated Retriever weight is over 40 kg, so my # 9 Pike rod will be to weak. Crazy fun!

    • hej Anders ! Scott tells us it’s a ‘standard’ 9 foot 9 wt.
      put your dog on a diet for a few days and you’ll be just fine with yours…. :mrgreen:

  2. Nice one Scotty! Good to see you practicing for your next trip down under mate.

  3. This golden lab was only around 20kg I think which was about right for the 9wt. My retriever was over 40kg too and whilst I never tried fishing for him I reckon we’re getting into 14wt territory, 40kg with four legs can pull! 😀

    Boydo – we don’t have any goats or I’d have given that a shot!!

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