a new skin

the Cobra has a new face !  i liked the options and generally everything about the older one except for the image quality which was really substandard. the difference between what i had on my photo files and what came up on the blog was saddening at best. this one also supports bigger images which is nice because sometimes it’s about seeing textures and details.
there’s still a bit of work to do on the headers and  such and that will happen soon. it’s kinda fun cleaning house sometimes and a bit like spring-cleaning, it’s amazing all the dust bunnies we find that where rolling around in the back of the closet…

so here’s a little invitation for those that might enjoy my  images. go on back through the ‘categories’ section on the right toolbar and click on your favorite subjects to view them in a much closer manner in which i intended them to be seen. they’re still not as nice as on my mac’s screen but it’s a step ahead. as always, your comments are more than welcome and appreciated. i hope you enjoy !

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