An Experiment in Teaching Fly Casting

The Double Haul  by Eric Sherar

first shared and analyzed on Gordy Hill’s MCCI discussion group about a year ago, this absolutely fantastic casting instruction video series shows us an experiment on teaching the double haul with a complete novice to fly casting. we basically see the complete lesson in real time and there’s a lot to learn here whether you’re an instructor or someone wanting to improve your double haul technique.
divided in twenty videos, it’ll take you about two hour’s time to view the whole series and it’s well worth taking the time to stop and watch certain sequences again.

this is a real treat, i hope you’ll not only benefit but enjoy.

2  –  Tackle

 –  Tonio

 –  1stlesson

5 –  Step 2 hauling and repositioning line hand while rod hand does a back cast

6 –  Overhang

7 –  The student doing the back cast

8 –  Student practicing the back cast

9 –  Showing student the forward cast

10 –  Student practicing the forward cast with the haul

11 –  Student putting it all together and double hauling while false casting

12 –  Student working on where to stop the rod while double hauling

13 – Student practicing shooting line on the double haul

14 –  Some bad teaching from the instructor

15 –  Student changing things up learning on their own. Shooting line with the double haul.

16 –  Good shot of front loops after 55 min of casting

17 –  This is the second day of casting instruction. Student is double hauling a 7wt wt forward line

18 –  This clip the student is just false casting no double haul

19 –  Student, tells what cast is the easiest to make

20 –  Studnet working on pick up and lay down and trajectory 2nd day

21 Conclusion
my conclusion is WoW…

4 thoughts on “An Experiment in Teaching Fly Casting

  1. Wow great find – as soon as I get some time I’m going to go through this, the first video made it sound interesting! I tried out Lee’s triangle method on a total beginner (my dad!) after reading the sexyloops instructing thread and was simply astonished at how quickly you can have a student casting tight loops as opposed to teaching the puld… without watching it, I reckon the double haul will succeed or at least get bloody close to being fully functioning 🙂

  2. i’m sure you’ll like the rest, Scott. nothing’s the end-all but there’s a lot to think about in the series.
    Lee’s ‘V’ is tops of the tops. you should have seen our mouths drop when he demoed it for the Gathering group four years ago. i wish he would get his stuff together and publish (and get full credit for it) it properly so we could talk about it more in public…

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