Fighting fish for a quick caring release

by Peter Morse via Sage Blog

Peter, more commonly known as ‘Morsie’ is one of those rare people whom you can just about blindly believe and trust on just about everything he says.
his reputation as a big fish specialist, guide, master casting instructor is as big as his smile. here he shares his wisdom on a particular aspect of fish fighting: using the rod optimally to tire the fish as soon as possible. being in control, ‘showing who’s the boss’ is what it’s all about when it comes to successfully landing all fish of all sizes and not breaking equipment with the bigger ones.

here’s how to break rods, lose fish and feel stupid…

to read more and see how not to break rods, lose fish and feel stupid click here !

be sure to check out Morsie’s site Wildfish.

2 thoughts on “Fighting fish for a quick caring release

  1. Hi Marc;
    This was good reading. I first learned of this method in 1991 through Gary Borger. I attended a clinic he taught and that was one of the things he did – high-stick the rod while each student held the tippet, and then he changed the angle from vertical to horizontal. The difference was amazing. Then in the 2000’s Floyd Franke of Roscoe, NY, wrote a book on the subject and demonstrated that at my Trout Unlimited Chapter meeting. Lots of anglers don’t know how to play and land fish quickly, as it should be done. More of ’em should. Thanks for sharing it!

    • glad you liked it Don and thanks for your comment.
      here’s another example of improper rod position and the result: fish off… :mrgreen:
      i’m preparing a little piece on all this for the next Eat Sleep Fish issue. i’ll post it here when it’s out.

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