Sawyer’s Pheasant Tail Nymph

tied by Hans Weilenmann

we’ve already seen the construction of this seminal nymph pattern by it’s creator Frank Sawyer and then by Davie McPhail in the ‘Two Pheasant’s Tail’ and it’s hackled ‘Cruncher’ variant ‘Where’s there’s munching there’s crunching!’ posts but i thought it would be nice to see another perspective since it’s always enriching to see how different people achieve the same result, specially by world-class tiers.
as a bonus Hans gives us a bit of the fly’s history , what it was originally intended to imitate (a Baetis nymph) and a nice variant that makes the fly more durable, something quite non-negligable since pheasant tail fibers are notoriously fragile and fall apart when they’re munched on by trout !

on a personal note, if there where only one type of nymph pattern in my boxes, the traditional pattern and it’s varied variants in different colors and sizes of the PTN would be it.
it’s just that good…

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