a toad and a centipede

The fable of the poet fly caster
by Carlos Azpilicueta

Strolling in a field one day, a toad and a centipede meet. The toad tells the centipede how much he admires him and how awed he is by the marvelous, perfect coordination of the movement of so many legs as the centipede glides along so gracefully. As they stroll along, the toad goes on expressing his admiration and wonder. The flattered centipede, not knowing what to say, starts thinking about how he actually does it and the more he tries to understand how he moves, the clumsier and slower he becomes. After a while, the centipede is stymied, comes to a complete halt, paralyzed, thinking how to coordinate his legs to keep walking. At this point, the toad gobbles him up.

Moral: “If you’re a great fly caster and don’t want to explain how you do it so that others can do it like you, no one will be able to stomach you.”

a fabled excerpt from Carlos’ article Poets and Engineers

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