the Elk Hair Caddis

personally, i wouldn’t touch one with a stick !
it wreaks of bad mojo, is a messy little number and the only thing it inspires to is trouble…

created a million years ago by Al Troth, some old chap that was born old.
it’s a simple fly for simple fish.

some consider it the ‘go-to’ for a caddis hatch. i think they look nice in trees.

13 thoughts on “the Elk Hair Caddis

  1. Skated across still water, on a warm summer’s eve, disappearing in an explosion before streaking away in the corner of a trout’s mouth, they are things of beauty.

    Or so I thought before watching the video.

    • glad you’ve seen the light, mate !
      i’ve enrolled an ex-witch, an overly-tattooed Marine and bulldog puppy as first troops on the war to end this terrible fly, erase it’s history and of course ban it from all waters and fly boxes !
      want in ? :mrgreen:

  2. great ! you’ll be Number Two.
    this is so exciting, fly fishing will never be the same !
    btw, do you have any tattoos ?

  3. Dear Mr Limp Cobra, if thats your real name?

    I am shocked!

    What a boisterous and tenacious trouble maker you are! stirring it all up, and ruffling feathers amongst your loyal followers, with your outspoken views of a modern classic! Its actually an extremely handsome and well proportioned pattern, if tied correctly! And might I say, will give any other adult caddis pattern, a jolly good run for their money! So please, embrace the elk hair, rejoice and learn to love and fish it, as Mr Troth intended,

    Yours sincerely


    p.s.. I am pretty sure that he was young once!

  4. I will join !!! I have some of these ugly little buggers left over from when I started, back in ’75…It is a fly for “newbies”… doesn’t sit flush, in the film, unless it is trimmed, is a pain to see at dusk and has been supplanted by a number of other designs which are much more effective. Did meet the “old guy’s” son, Eric, on the Madison one afternoon – nice fellow !


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