Distance, Schmistance !

some great insights on why being comfortable in casting a bit farther can yield greater success on the water by a great certified casting instructor, guide, and tongue displayer, Chris Dore.

a non-negligable positive effect in learning to increase your casting distance is that the farther one casts, the more each element needs to be known, well applied and well constructed.
think of it as a magnifying loupe, the farther one casts, the bigger the irregularities will show up and this leads to two things: distance casting doesn’t allow any kind of mess up, and… distance casting makes a descent caster a much better all-around caster at all distances and a more efficient fisher but more importantly when fishing, these acquired skills are performed ‘automatically’. they just happen. this removes the ‘how am i gonna do it ?!’ worries of the moment, we concentrate better on our fishy target and it all leads to more fun and it’s really all about having fun.

below, Chris refers to ‘homework’ and there really isn’t any better term. fly casting is an activity that needs practice to make better.
you can be a good historian without making history but you can’t be a good fly caster without casting. it’s just that simple.

“I tire of hearing people bagging distance casting. “its not needed here in NZ” and most commonly “all my fish are caught within a few rod lengths” are common justifications. Well mate, thats because you can only cast a few rod lengths. And how do you go in windy conditions? You dont? I wonder why…

If your maximum cast is say, 40′ and you come across a fish at 35′ then you will likley struggle to land a decent, accurate presentation in the slightest of breezes. If a reach, or other slack line cast is required then thats a definate no go. However if your maximum cast is 80′, then you could make this 35′ cast with your eyes closed, no matter the wind. 80′ is easily reachable for anyone prepared to put in a bit of homework.”

read the full article here and if you’re going to NZ and want to catch some big-ass trout be sure to give Chris a call. enjoy !