the end of Stupidity

or… The winner of  the Stupid Cobra contest !

first of all, i want apologize to our three contestants for being so late in concluding this stupid contest. since i forgot to write down the end of the contest in my agenda, it completely slipped my mind. i know, stupid…

ok, down to business ! and this time with a little reasoning behind the selection.

– i really, really enjoyed Scott’s video but the problem (my problem) is i don’t find this stupid at all ! and would seriously encourage anyone to do the same ! any kind of fun, even if it at first seems silly,  once included to our fly casting practice will only make the whole experience better and more productive. not only that but the dog gets a good workout.

– Rudy’s soggy story reminds us that it’s a good thing to always leave a spare jacket in the car and that wetsuits can be a better option for the gung-ho fly fisher :mrgreen:
i’ll add that the vision of the car doors opening and closing and windows going up and down all by themselves is rather priceless and i’ve had quite a few chuckles since i first read this piece.

– Acey, Acey, Acey.  here’s a guy who’s got stupidity down pat ! not only did he manage to ruin a dream trip to Alaska but also pretty much screwed up his sex life in the process as well !
now, that’s STUPID ! congrats my friend, you’ll be getting this great Breathe dvd from R.C. Cone and Imago !

here again folks for your pleasure, the very Homeresque beer-induced story by Acey Fiveash

“Technically this didn’t happen while fishing but it definitely affected my fishing.

 About two weeks before my one and only trip to Alaska I came home from a beer drinking trip where a little bit of fishing went on,  I stumbled in the door my wife looks at me and says “Well if I knew you were just going to get drunk I would have convinced you to stay home today.”

“How, pray tell, would you have done that?” I failed to enunciate clearly in her general direction.
“How do you think,” she asked seductively.
“I would have gone anyway.”
Suddenly her mood changed. “You’re telling me you would rather go fishing than have sex?”
“Well yeah,” the beer in my system stupidly said for me. “I know how sex is going to end and I can get that done all by myself. Fishing is exciting…” That’s when my brain caught up to what the booze was saying. “I mean…”
“No, no, no. I know what you mean. You MEAN you’re going to be getting ‘That Done’ all by yourself from here on out.”
And that’s how, in the form of one of the greatest sacrifices of my life, I went to Alaska without any fly rods.”
thanks again to all for playing along but more importantly, for revealing what most people usually like to keep for themselves.

7 thoughts on “the end of Stupidity

  1. Who knew my stupidity would one day win me a dvd? Lost me Alaskan fishing but won me a dvd… 😕

  2. I’m still in awe at what beer did for you, Acey.
    you should enroll as a sybil somewhere. people would come to you with matters of their lifes, you would be drunk and spit abominations in “their general direction” and by way of consequence they would get all enlightened.
    congrats for your superb victory.

    • There’s a place in Charleston, SC named Big John Tavern where this happened on a daily basis for years… except for the enlightenment part. Entertained maybe, but never enlightened.

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