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the onslaught of age and all the lovely side-effects associated with this wonderful period in life: lost or misplaced memories, debilitating hallucinations/delirium tremens that happen without even drinking… have given me the impressions that there are very little differences between birds and fish and can’t help but see this mutation when i observe either one.

just as the original Surrealists would just sit there, rely on automatism and wait for their subconscious to ejaculate and do the work for their intellectually over-stressed creamy consciousnesses, i often sit at the vise and things just happen.
birds happen. bird shapes that appeal to fish happen. bird shapes that move like fish in the water happen.
somewhere the cross-over happened and to be honest, i couldn’t be happier. it even makes me want to dance like a bird.

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  1. You post the most remarkable things, sometimes I just get lost here, screw the compass! Thanks Marc for the many journeys. That was an awesome fly and video too. I’ve seen ruffed grouse do cool mating dances in my backyard. In the spring when the robins come in the get very territorial, some times it gets very aggressive. But when I see the beautiful males I’m reminded of Jim Pray’s Cock Robin Optic.

      • Like I said, screw the compass, I love getting lost in your blog. But bless and thank you for your compass pointing me to that link on SGM. Some beautiful old Bucktails on there, including one gem tied with wood duck I believe. I just bought Mike Valla’s Tying and Fishing Bucktails. He came to the rescue with his knowledge of the optics for the SGM inquisitive minds. Some people were as frustrated as me in trying to find info on the optic. One felt as I do that it could be the first use of bead heads. But I don’t think that could be proven. I wasn’t aware of the East coast optics, but the ones shown didn’t have split bead heads like Pray used, just large thread heads with eyes painted on. I could see the confusion on the origins of optics from this. I love these pioneers of early western US and Canadian steelhead fishing. So thank you very much Marc. It confirmed much of what I knew as well as picking up on what others know. Best of all I’m not alone in my thinking and love of a tiny bit of history. Btw, as a side note on surrealist ejaculate, the news this morning said that Dali’s body is to be exhumed for a DNA test. It seems a 61 year old woman is claiming to be his daughter so evidence is needed. Perhaps the result of some night club mating ritual! You have a wonderful summer too!

        • haha! i saw the Dali stuff yesterday on the news and i’m currious to see how it pans out. what a legacy if it’s true… 😆
          anyhow, glad you liked the link. remember, Google’s your friend 😉
          take care,

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