“flakes of dust”, a dead caddis imitation.

the Dead Caddis by Davie McPhail

now, as far as i know (little), imitating dead caddis is a rather uncommon practice and that’s what makes this pattern quite interesting.
i’ve seen trout rising to the dead naturals and have fished them successfully with a standard sedge imitation but i’ll admit i didn’t seriously examine the dead naturals to see if the’d changes appearences from the live ones.
of course there will be a total lack of movement and i’m reasonably sure that there isn’t a body/wing posture change so i’m thinking it might be a slight change of color that really sets these apart.
for whatever the reasons, this big bushy, well floating thing is worth having in the box for an occasion where the fish might key in on the dead ones drifting by. enjoy !

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