“The wind is your friend”

by Tim Rajeff

Tim’s a funny guy with lots of charisma and enthusiasm but he’s not all about goofing off and breaking brand new rods either.

in this next video we get a little reminder of how important it is to adapt our casts when dealing with the wind.
contrary to what a lot of anglers might think, there’s a fine limit to how much we can just force the cast in the attempt  to not have to change their usual casting style.
even if they don’t deeply imbed a hook into something or someone it’s just luck and a matter of time before it happens.

also bear in mind that although most casting tutorial videos related to casting in windy situations are based around saltwater fishing, winds like to blow inland too, making these tips equally valid for all fly fishers.

without being overly detailed but straight to the essentials, this ‘casting around the wind’   demonstration shows the basics to deal with these situations safely and efficiently.
all it takes is first, to learn to always be aware of the wind, where it’s moving from and where its going, how it’s changing, how it limits us and how we can use it, because let’s face it: it’s there whether we like it or not so let’s use it to our advantage and turn it into a friend.
no matter what type of fishing you do, take the time to practice these casts until they’re very familiar and even second nature. it’s well worth it.

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