for the love of water… (part two)

hmm, it seems like the prankster’s been pranked !
our mystery man’s magical blessing endowments have turned out to be nothing more than a plastic bottle… but at least we can feel a little better for our slimy fishy friends !

like they say, it’s best served cold but this one’s gonna happen in the heat of summer… :mrgreen:

(here was part one) 

4 thoughts on “for the love of water… (part two)

  1. Hee hee. Great. When is saw the original photo I thought it was some sort of trick of the shutter. I don’t know if I’d consider that kind of “endowment” a blessing or a burden…

    • heck, come to think about it, we still don’t know if it’s really a bottle. all we see is the bottle cap.
      maybe they’re being creative with duct tape or putty: the mystery continues ! :mrgreen:

  2. well, for whatever the reasons, he’s fishing and pissing in the middle of some super-sweet trout and grayling river in southern England and i’m doing neither of these activities, so i’m not about to feel sorry for the chap.
    have you worked-out the ‘Three Coins in the Fountain’ bit ?
    i’m stumped…. 😆

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