Peacock Quill and How to use it.

by Lucian Vasies

WoW ! here’s a real gem with virtually everything we need to know about peacock quills, how to prepare and use them. thanks Lucian !

” When talking about peacock quill everyone thinks about the stripped barbs of the feathers from the peacock’s tail. Everyone expects it to be wide, nicely colored, gradually from white to dark grey, with a glossy look as if it were waxed. The peacock quill is used because it imitates very good the abdominal part of the dry flies and emergers.
The problem is that a quill of high quality can’t be found anywhere in the feather but only in the area of the eye of the feather. Even so, good feathers are from peacocks older than 5 years. The young ones have thinner feathers and the quill is not so brightly colored.
You can see in the pictures below how to get this quill easily “

go from this-

to this-
 by following just a few easy steps. enjoy !

click on either pic to access the complete tutorial.

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