Fly Casting- Jiggle it baby !

by doing this
 or this  

you can get this line layout.

Jim Williams has done it again and came up with yet another fantabulous fly casting tutorial: this time, the Wiggle Cast * (or the sideways jiggle).
the Wiggle is a very useful slack line presentation used to control or rather reduce drag on the line, leader and fly. this is not only a must-have-in-your-repertoire cast but it’s also a lot of fun to perform. anything fun just makes the whole experience better.
as with all of Jim’s other casting articles, once again there’s nothing i could add so i’ll leave you with a teaser that’s close to heart:

There are many nuances you can apply to improve and refine this cast, a slightness of hand or particular movement or rotation of the wrist and arm etc… be an artist, imagine the rod tip is the tip of the finest brush, the river is your canvas so go paint on it, with movements and energy that are both smooth and deliberate’

click either image/gif  or HERE to get to Jim’s awesome article in this month’s sixth issue of Eat Sleep Fish. enjoy !

* actually, this is a Wiggle Mend.
casts are produced before RSP (Rod Straight Position) or the ‘stop’ or more simply, before loop formation and mends are what we do with the rod tip after RSP, the ‘stop’ and after loop formation.
so, since the wiggles are executed after the stop, this is a mend.

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