PMS (Purple Mini Streamer)

by Hans Weilenmann

hot off Hans’ vice, here’s a juicy little muddlerish’ streamer pattern that’s sure to do the trick on several species.
i particularly like the use of recycled materials, in this case produce net bags unmeshed and used as the body and rib in one easy,  thin and translucent maneuver.
some are a little reluctant to use deer hair and this is a great pattern to get the feel for it as this pattern’s sparseness requires the use of only a few hairs. as in a lot of other methods, it’s easier to start with little and then later adapt what we learned to bigger flies.
the novice will want to pay close attention to both verbal and visual details: stacking, the pinch and loop (soft loop) to initially tie in and keep the deer wing on top of the shank, winding the thread into different parts of the hair butts to secure and splay them and spinning the hairs to get the ‘ball effect of the head. most deer hair tying methods are right here in this great tutorial and it’s definitely something to have in your tying repertoire. enjoy !

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