Shwartza in Gold

one of the few tying books i have isn’t really a tying book per se but rather a collection of flies, their images, how they where intended to be fished and a rough summary of the materials needed with no explanation on how to put them together.
i like this because it leaves food for thought and we need to find solutions on our own, even when it comes to simple flies like the one below.

i have no idea why but  this one caught my attention enough to actually go and try to imitate it, something i’m usually not compelled to do but the combination of ‘imitative’ mixed with ‘suggestive’ set off the all-important  ‘hmmm, looks good. real good’ confidence feeling that leads to flies that catch fish and catches them predictably. in my opinion it’s pretty rare that an accepted pattern doesn’t need to be tweaked a bit here and there through field testing. of course the usual variations include changing size and color combos but in the case of the Shwartza, it also became a matter of hook choice, wing length and wing position.
not only do i prefer this shape of hook for it’s hooking and holding capabilities but also it’s ‘keel’ effect is greater than the standard shaped hook prescribed in the book. playing with the proportions of both keel and wing determines how this fly swims and reacts to being pulled at different speeds.
the book calls for a rabbit hair/micro flash wing and that’s what these have but the next version will be tried with angel hair which also has ultra-fine flashy fibers already mixed in. so much for keeping to the recipe… 😀

first real test with this pattern happened at the end of the day a week ago on a little lake where we had a casting/fishing course. on the second cast the fly was hit so hard that the tippet broke and the fish took the fly back home to put in it’s box…
it sucks loosing flies but this says something about it’s effectiveness.

from Bob Church’s – Guide to New Fly Patterns 1993 here’s the original recipe for Peter Dobbs’ Shwartza.

Hook: Size 12
Tying Silk: Black
Body: Black Floss
Rib: Silver Wire
Wing: Soft black hair, rabbit or squirrel, mixed with a few strands of bronze Crystal
Head: Clear varnish

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