double flank caddis, oui-oui !

in the habit of sharing vids from the hot-shots here’s a nice and simple little treat with a few imperfections but lots of interesting features.

– the image in a way reminds me of the Kodachrome slides i grew up with. cool.
– the tier seems to be french so we also get the materials list in english and get to study our french at the same time !
– the double scruffyish and uncut duck hen flank wings goes well in the common traditional french style for caddis and mayflies.
– the double wings not only gives a nice silhouette but also traps floatant a lot better than just one, combined with the hackle at the front and you get a nice floating fly even in pretty fast waters and even if the rearward part is sitting flat on the surface. another advantage of the not-so-usual hen feathers used for a dry fly (because anything hen tends to sink) is that they move more than the usual stiffer cock feathers, giving a stronger impression of a fluttering bug. it’s more ‘alive’.
– a very nice sound track. trés cool.
– enjoy !

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