2 thoughts on “10:56 pm

  1. Cool…looks like the road to anywhere,but I think of memories of Lofssjøen:) Cool,get close and tight lines…

    • you’re right Vegard. this road could be just about anywhere in Scandinavia, that’s it’s charm.
      fishing wasn’t as good as could be, the hydro-electric damn upstream had the water going up and down from 500 cubic meters to 250…
      as noted in another post, there where plenty of bugs everywhere but basically the only ones interested in them where the birds and the little grayling. i landed 12 and lost many more, including a nice 50+ brown. 😎
      it was still a nice w/e. the cane gathering had some interesting rods to try out and i did three demos: tying, presentation casts and one on hooking, fighting and landing fish for c&r 😀

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