chum, chum. who wants some chum ?

– tier and photo author unknown-

definitely something to offend the the trout fly traditionalist… but these little* beauties are a tad more realistic and a bunch more enticing than just about any fly out there.
a fine way to “match the hatch”, no ?
it’s pretty certain they’d work on a lot of other species both in the salt and in freshwater. for the latter, imitations of the smaller fish that often get flushed through hydro-electric turbines would do the trick on big predators out for an easy meal…
the creative tier might include other fish parts such as the midsections and tails.

* maybe not so little as they’re destined for billfish. a conservative guess puts those hooks at a size 6/0 or bigger.

4 thoughts on “fish-heads

  1. fish-head eating chub ?!?! that sounds awesome ! 😎
    wow, even though there’s some really big ones, around here they’re more ‘pink and prefer summer berries and ants. where about in the world are you ?

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