the film critic

while effective without doubt, the ‘traditional’Adams or Klinkhammer upright parachute doesn’t do it for me aesthetically while a fold over parachute post does.
sure, most fish aren’t so picky about such things but the legs and other parts that stick out of a bug don’t go out fan-style but generally speaking, rather perpendicular from it’s body. generally.
another interesting aspect with the Para-Loop hackle/post fold-over is it combines wings and bodily stickingout parts all in one depending on how much we trim the hackles underneath.
the creative tier can easily replace the original hackle for cdc feathers, snowshoe hare or even seal fur or, or, or, while still using the Para Loop concept.

this pretty cool emerger variation of Bob Quigley’s PMD (pale morning dun) with all the right ingredients: the ‘Film Critic’ by Mill Creek Minnow.
be sure to crush the barb before starting or better yet, a use a barbless hook, enjoy !