the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club

documentary film by Monica Quesada Cordero

” The GGACC was organized in June 1933 as an offshoot of the San Francisco Fly Casting Club. The San Francisco Fly Casting Club, the second oldest casting club in the U.S., was founded in 1894, when the first tournament was held as Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. The world’s single-handed fly casting record of 133 ft. was established by club president Walter Mansfield in 1899, and held for 35 years to 1934. He also cast a 5 oz. fly rod 129 1/2 feet at a 1902 tournament. “

i’m not quite sure what the 5 oz. part above is about but those are some serious distances. i won’t hide for a second how much i’d like to visit this mythical place. forever dynamic with activities for casters of all levels and filled with nostalgia, this is the place to go if you’re in the San Francisco area.

for more info visit the GGACC site. enjoy !