Dave’s cdc shuttlecock emerger

by David Wiltshire

a fantabulous pattern for streams, rivers and lakes, this one’s got all the right mojo:
slim, trim, dead sexy and easy to tie . what’s not to like ?
check out the step by step for a super-nice tip on securing the cdc feathers and be sure to tie these up in different sizes and colors/tones !

” I can remember tying this CDC emerger as a ‘trial’ fly. I had used CDC loops to great effect (and still do!) and the simple CDC Shuttlecock. However, I had been keen to develop a more slim-line fly where there was very little CDC actually tied to the hook. The problem came in the durability of the fly as CDC can just slip out from the usual thread wraps if you’re not careful.

However, the solution was simple (read on!) and now this is a major part of my CDC fly box. I love the way the body pierces the surface the CDC really suggests an emerging wing. The butts that remain, I am sure, suggest the wing buds bursting during eclosion. “

WoW, the “ buds bursting during eclosion ” bit got me all excited ! :mrgreen:
click HERE for the full step by step on Dave’s site, enjoy !