meet Mr. 20+

” Mr. 20+, these are my readers, say hi  ! “

20+ kilos is 44+ lbs.
his mate in the foreground is at least 15 kilos and the both of them are just below my window just about every morning waiting for the baguette-breakfast i give them.
now, this is both fantastic and horrible at the same time. a while back i managed to catch, land and of course release ! a 22 lbs carp and although it’s no record, it’s quite an exceptional fish.
ever since, i’ve been wanting to beat that personal best quite badly. it’s not like i’m after records but i’m in serious need of a good tug right now…  ;D
anyway, i have been out a dozen or so times to try to temp it with artificial ‘bread flies’ but they don’t get that big by being dumb so, so far it’s a no-go. no problems there, that’s all part of the fun but there’s other issues. if i manage to hook and fight the beast, the only possibility to release it properly is to net it first and lift it to the bank (this is in town and the banks are a little wall). this net needs to be ridiculously strong, something the commercial nets i’ve been checking out don’t seem to be. sounds like it’s time to start planning a custom home-made job that’ll live up to this quest.
off to the hardware store !

8 thoughts on “meet Mr. 20+

    • they sure look nice Richard, i’m groovin’ on the ‘trout-size’ hand net but even the larger boat model seems a little small for this creature. 229 $ plus shipping to Europe makes it a tad… bit too expensive for me !
      thanks for the suggestion and comment,

      here’s the link to the Nomad Net site for those interested.

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  2. .. or you buy one of these huge jobs the bait carper use, but that will doubtlessly ruin your dandy looks with the fly rod.
    but I guess you don’t care, your loops are sexy enough. :mrgreen:

    • i have of course but they’re not made for lifting a big fish without taking the handle off. i need something that’s one strong unit. i might just make one of wood like an oversized trout net with a long handle. i don’t care if it’s pretty, it just needs to do the job without hurting the fish.

      and just so you know, i kick dandy fly fishers in the water when i see them ! :mrgreen:

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