Think differently – The Fish Eating Fish fly (a refresher)

first posted here in November 2011 i’m constantly surprised and happy to see on my stats board that this fantastic article and fly by my friend Ulf Hagström is one of the most popular hits, averaging more than 30 a day, every day from all over the world. for some blogs that might seem like piddle but not for a fly fishing blog.
there are literally tons of great fly patterns and fly dressers but true fly design innovations don’t come often so here once again is the original post, an invitation to look this over, read the link to Ulf’s site and hopefully  be inspired to innovate on your own.

Think differently – The Fish Eating Fish fly
by Ulf Hagström

this kind of “Think differently” is just awesome, a sign of a truly innovative fly designer and tier not only interested in creating flies that attract fish but flies that attract fish in a different manner.

“One of the most interesting articles I’ve read in a long time was an article in a Swedish magazine “Allt om flugfiske” by biologist Peter Johanesson who talked about the result of a study on the phenomenon of kleptoparasites among pikes. Basically what it points to is that a larger pike would most of the times rather attack and steal the already caught prey from a smaller pike than eat the smaller pike itself!”

click here for the full article and adjoining step by step of the fly.

thanks for the inspiration, Ulf !

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