3 thoughts on “Single and Double Hand Fly Line Weight Charts

  1. Hah. What we normally think is that the singlehandlines is correctly weighted and that the doublehandlines are way wrong. Looking at this chart the lineweights for shootingheads in the doublehand linechart is pretty much what every manufacter weight their lines. The singlehand linechart is a different matter. Very few lines follow these weights ? It seems like most of the singlehand flylines is one or even two classes high ?

    • thoughtful and interesting comment, Tony 😎
      another way to look at the common approach to SH and DH line weights is that contrary to the DH crowd who take line weights seriously (even sometimes rather excessively… ), the typical SH user just sees the line weight marked on the rod and blindly buys any line that bears that same number, end of story.
      sure, there is an upper and lower limit to each line class but manufacturers are in no way obliged to respect those guidelines…
      another interesting aspect and generally speaking, contrary to your “very few lines” comment, we’ll notice that most line manufacturers stay within those limits and when they don’t it’s marked on the box or catalogue. however, some northern countries… 😉 are maybe making good quality lines (actually, having them made by someone else) but even if they freely offer all specs are also confusing the heck out of a lot of people because they’re not staying within the AFFTA head length and weights system.
      cheers !

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