Eat, Sleep, Fish # 9

at it’s ninth issue  Eat, Sleep, Fish is going and growing well and strong and one thing’s for certain, they have their priorities straight !
always a pleasant read, this issue comes highly recommended.
(except of course for the article on tenkara… i care deeply for you my reader, please remember that any knowledge of this method further than the name itself will wipe out  all the good fly fishing karma points you’ve gained over the years leading to eons of pain and suffering, total lack of sexual capability and to top it all off, you’ll be forced to eat Swedish food forever while being basely reduced to fishing with worms… )

anyhow, click on the M&M bag, enjoy !   :mrgreen:

ps- something’s really queer about this photo. first one to say what it is gets bonus karma points !

4 thoughts on “Eat, Sleep, Fish # 9

  1. considering the side of the cut in the M&Ms bag, I’d say someone left handed opened it, now the reels are set for right handed.
    and the sage logo is inverted but that may be because its embossed on the other side.

    ps.I know nothing about this tenkrama stuff.

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