the hang-around guy

what i’ve mostly been showing here are images of fish i’ve caught on the fly, photographed and released.
this one’s a little different because it didn’t want to take my offering , refused it and all the other flies i tried and decided to come hang around my legs while i was trying (unsuccessfully… ) for it’s other friends. it even brushed against my left leg when i was trying to find the ‘right fly’, changing from dry to nymph !

first reaction was of course to just freeze and enjoy the moment but after about a minute into this ‘new friendship’ i wondered if it realized exactly what i was: a for-all-intents-and-purposes predator. after-all they don’t know that i’ll gently put them back.
so, as a first, i took a step, then two, then three and my little friend just followed, gently circling, going back and forth with no signs whatsoever of any fear, anxiety, or whatever reactions/emotions we might typically associate with fish/human interactions. after a few more minutes i remembered the ever present camera and it eagerly came to check out this new object in it’s territory. very closely.

a special moment without  the need for hooks, hunter/prey roles and slimy-stinky hands. as always, i’m already looking forward to the same old- set the hook, play, net, photo session and release fishing but this was a thought provoking treat. i hope we meet again.

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