Fly Casting- Pushing and Pulling

by Carlos Azpilicuetta

although nothing new, here’s a way to greatly improve your casting while being able to play with soft squishy balls and plastic bags at the same time.

“Whoever tries once and learns to pull, no longer wants to do it any other way. It’s a whole new sensation of control and mastery. When you pull, your cast is mechanically much more efficient; your movements are much more subtle and controlled. Moreover, pulling helps lessen the possibility of tailing loops, every fly caster’s arch enemy. These are pretty convincing arguments.

Basically, pulling entails raising and lowering your elbow; pushing is moving it horizontally.

These two exercises have a single purpose, to get you to feel the sensation of pulling the rod as opposed to pushing it. Feeling this sensation is the first step in training your muscles and movements for quickly acquiring such an interesting technical advantage.”

   click pull either image to access Carlos’ great article.

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