the Kryston Non-Slip Loop


with well over a thousand hits just this week on the Tying the Lefty Loop or Non-Slip Loop article  (yup ! it sure is nice to see such interest regarding important elements such as terminal knots), since several options are always better than one, here’s another Loop Knot that looks equally promising.

having found this knot the other day, i haven’t actually fished it yet but have informally tested it at home with 0,15mm (5X), 0,20mm (3X) and 0,28mm (0X) tippet and seems to be just as good and strong as the Lefty Loop as no breakages have occurred at the knot itself.
why bother ? well, a few things came to mind while playing with it and the first one was it’s easier to get it ‘just right’ in low to no light situations.
another aspect is i find it easier to control the loop size, something of great interest to me, specially with smaller flies.

we’ll notice the diagram seems to advocate this knot for fluorocarbon tippets. all tests have been made with Stroft GTM, a silicone-PTFE tempered nylon  with the results noted above.
– as a tip and to clarify the diagram, in step four be sure to put in a good glob of spit before tightening down the knot loop.
– outside of helping to avoid snagging weeds and other junk, i cant imagine the last half-hitch contributing to the knot’s effective resistance. i have tried it with and without with no marked difference in either one. no knots broke and that’s usually a good sign !

btw, Kryston makes me think of Kryptonite. if the latter can reduce a Super-Hero to a slithering blob i can’t imagine the former having any problems taming some slimy fish !… :mrgreen:

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